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Low Cost Direct Cremation Gloucestershire  

Simply Cremation Gloucestershire

An affordable county-wide service, offering simple, dignified cremation
without a funeral. The ashes can then be returned if you wish, giving you the freedom to organise whatever style of send-off you want

£1765 Fully Inclusive Package - County Wide

What is Simple Cremation?
It just means cremation without any form of funeral ceremony.

There is no legal requirement to hold a funeral. The law simply requires that the death is legally registered (in the same way as a birth) and that the body itself is then properly and lawfully disposed of, either by cremation or burial. However, in the case of cremation there are actually very few restrictions about scattering or burying the ashes afterwards.

So, the concept behind Simple Cremation is quite simply to separate the cremation itself from the funeral ceremony. Then, by having just the ashes returned (if you wish) you are free to organise a memorial or celebration of life ceremony entirely on your own terms. Because you don't have to worry about arranging the handling and transporting of a body or coffin, any ceremony you choose to create can take place in whatever manner you desire and without necessarily having any further third party involvement.

Why choose Simple Cremation?
  • Perhaps someone has left instructions that their death is to be recognised with the minimum of fuss and expense, even to the extent that their body is simply to be "disposed of" and their ashes scattered in the crematorium gardens.
  • Alternatively, it might be that the family of the deceased simply want the freedom to hold whatever form of "goodbye" they feel is most appropriate for themselves and for the person who has died - either with, or without, the ashes.
  • Or maybe the deceased has no family and a very simple, dignified and economic laying to rest is the kindest option.

    Simply Cremation Gloucestershire is a service designed to provide a dignified, economic and entirely legal solution for those who just need to organise a cremation. It is offered and operated solely by Fred Stevens Funeral Directors - a small, well established and privately-owned company based in Nailsworth, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Visit our main website.

    Is it right just to cremate someone without having a funeral? The idea of not having a conventional funeral will never be suitable for everyone, of course. There will always be all kinds of occasions when family, friends and the wider community will need to draw together in a formal way, with the coffin present among them, to mourn a death. But there will also be times when, for personal, practical and yes, even financial reasons, Simple Cremation will be the most sensible and dignified option.

    If you would like more information or a friendly chat in complete confidence and with no obligation, please feel free to contact us:

    Fred Stevens Funeral Directors
    Tel: (01453) 832188 or

    "Simply Cremation Gloucestershire" is offered & operated solely by
    Fred Stevens Funeral Directors, Newmarket Road, Nailsworth, Stroud, Gloucestershire. GL6 0DQ Fred Stevens Funeral Directors
    is a member of The National Association Of Funeral Directors
    and abide by the NAFD Code Of Practice.

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